Use Money Properly

A miser once had a piece of gold. Instead of spending the gold on something valuable, he decided to dig a hole and bury it. Each day the miser would go back to the site where he buried the gold and look over it. Always making sure the dirt around it was left unsettled; the miser knew his gold was still there. A man saw the miser visiting the same site every day and became curious. The man decided to check the spot out when the miser left. Sure enough, he dug deep and found the gold. He took off with the gold.

The next day the miser went back to his same spot and the gold was gone. He stood there sobbing until a man approached him asking what was wrong. The miser explained he had buried his gold there and someone had stolen it. Knowing he had the gold was a great joy to him. The man heard what the miser was saying and offered some advice. He asked him to go bury a stone in the same spot and pretend it was his gold. Since the miser was not using the gold, a stone would be the same thing to him.

Lesson: Money is only of value if used properly. We often find ourselves working diligently to hoard money for later. When later never comes, we end up working all that time for nothing. It is important to use money wisely. The value of money is not used wisely unless it is done with some thought. Do not blow it on expensive coffee every day. While it is important to splurge at times, it is also important to pay off debt and be a slave to no one. Use any money you receive thoughtfully and not carelessly.

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