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Web Design & Development

Our team help provide top-notch web design and web development to help your vision and brand come to reality. We help to showcase your products and services to your ideal clients and customers.

Web Support & Maintenance

Our team provides top-notch support and maintenance services. Our support ticket system is available 24/7 and we will complete most updates within 24-48 hour updates on projects.


Visibility is the name of the game. We provide on-page and off-page SEO services helping your brand, organization and your products and services show up when your idea client is searching for it. Also check out our other digital marketing services.

Marketing Automation

It’s not the number of hours you have, it’s how you leverage them. We help improve the marketing and business processes for entrepreneurs and business owners to spend more time ON the business instead of IN the business.


We provide custom interview content in blog, podcast and video form on CBNation properties (CEO Blog Nation, CEO Podcasts & CBNation TV) to promote your products and services to your ideal clients and customers. This content can also be repurposed on your website, social media, newsletters and more.


Our marketing strategies and outreach is focused around our “You Are A Media Company” philosophy. We help businesses and organization leverage the digital marketing opportunities to reach your goals.

Our Portfolio

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We Do Things The Blue 16 Way

Quality Services

As a boutique digital marketing agency we provide quality website design and support, SEO services & more.

8+ Years of Service

We are a boutique agency that has been in business since 2013 and have worked on thousands of projects.

We Give

At Blue 16 Gives, we make it a priority to help support organizations that exist to support the community.

Thorough Process

We have a unique 20+ step unique process and procedure for each of our services to help provide quality services to our clients.


Customer Focused – Your goals are our goals. We are a boutique agency that focuses on providing high-quality support and services to our clients.

Empowering Our Clients

From our members-only resources to becoming the marketing arm or CMO of your organization, we understand that your needs can vary but our focus is to help support and empower you to reach your goals.

Marketing Philosophy

You Are a Media Company/Organization (YAMC) – Because we are focused on YOU as our client, we are focused on making sure your potential clients can connect with you, engage with you, understand your organization and how you can provide value to them.


Blue 16 Labs – Innovation is one of our core principles. We are always developing, testing and working on the latest ideas and technologies to help support you as entrepreneurs and business owners.

Business Success

We Celebrate and Support CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Through our resources, we provide blogs, podcasts and videos to create success for your business or organization.

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