Simple Steps to Get Started

  1. WP eSignature – This is how we get our documents signed from Progreshion, LLC. You should receive paperwork that we need an electronic signature. Once you sign the documents, it will send it back to us to get the final signature. After we sign, a final copy of the signed document will be emailed back to both of us.
  2. Freshbooks Invoice – Our invoice will come from Freshbooks also from Progreshion, LLC.
  3. Basecamp Invitation – Our project management tool, this is how our team will communicate with you during our project. (PLEASE WATCH THIS: VIDEO)
  4. New Client Questionnaire Questionnaire – We always get started with a new client questionnaire. Please find the link here.
  5. Support Ticket System – If you have a support package, this is how we organize our projects. (PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO & READ THIS MANUAL)

…if you have a Design project (website design/graphic design)

  • What your website Designer Needs: Here’s some of the information that we also will need from you to get started. You can reply back with any images, content for pages, your logo, etc. and we can start working.

…if you have a SEO project (one-time/recurring)

  • What your SEO needs: Here’s some of the information that we also will need from you to get started. You can reply back with any login information for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, keyword terms, analytics information etc. and we can start working.

– Gresh


I often get asked about the tools that I use. Here’s some of the partnerships that we have that we could use and recommend. These aren’t all the tools I use but if you do ever need a connection to local business owners (many are in the Business Directory), I network a ton and can always connect you. Just let me know!  use these below but if you wanted to see even more tools, check out the CEO Hacks here that can help you be more effective and efficient. Also check out the episodes of the I AM CEO Podcast where each guest shares their own CEO Hack.

  • GSuite – Professional e-mail powered by Gmail for your business or organization.
  • Evernote – Where I keep all my notes. I’ve gone completely digital.
  • Stock Photography – Are you using stock photography or want to know where to get them? This is a site.
  • Freshbooks – We use for our invoicing and time tracking.
  • WPEngine – WordPress Hosting. We use our own hosting at but this is a WordPress only solution.
  • Acuity – Tool that I use for scheduling. Switched from Vcita. Check it out here
  • Grasshopper – A cloud phone system that I use.
  • CEO Web Shop – Domain registration and hosting and some other web services.
  • Call Tracking Metrics – Track calls on your website and offline materials to see where calls are coming from.
  • WeWork – Looking for a coworking space? These are some options for you across the globe.
  • Directory – Add your business to the Directory and increase your visibility.
  • Insightly – CRM used to manage relationships and communications.
  • Constant Contact & MailChimp – Email Marketing to build your list and attract clients and customers. I usually say Constant Contact costs more initially but they have a ton of support while MailChimp is more DIY. We use both and there are strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Canva – Photoshop without the complexity. Make your own flyers, social media graphics and more. Great tool for designers and non-designers.