Getting Attention

Kangaroo was at a business lecture as one of the presenters. He didn’t have to give any speeches but when a group of young entrepreneurs came up to him after the day ended they had some questions for him to answer. The biggest one being what the biggest hurdle was when he was trying to start his business. For a few moments he thought back on the beginning of his business and all the muck he had to plow through to get to the state he was at today with his business. Finally he decided on the most prominent one – getting noticed. “It was hard to get noticed in a sea of startups,” he said with a nod, “They all want one thing – a good product at a fair price. Anyone can do that if they want to. But it takes doing that and more to get noticed. You claw and fight and climb you way to the top through unique design, innovation and doing what the other people can’t or won’t.”

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “What Was Your Biggest Hurdle When Starting Your Business?

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