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The Owl offered monthly seminars for entrepreneurs and business owners. One of the segments of these seminars was free ways that entrepreneurs and business owners could promote their business. For the each month the Owl focused on a specific aspect. This month was on business blogging. He counseled the business owners and said “Business blogging is the future so make sure that you get started. The beauty of guest posts is that you don’t even have to have a blog. You can blog on sites that get traffic and you can show your expertise.

Lesson: This tip is from the guest post “Four Free Ways to Generate New Business” by Tasha Mayberry of Social Media 22. “Content-driven marketing is extremely effective and is a way to show your expertise…. Make sure your guest blog is informative/helpful/interesting. The most successful blogs are short and concise (400 – 600 words) offering tips of some sort or steps on how to accomplish something (bullet points or lists). At the end of your blog, make sure to add a short bio.”

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