Quality over Quantity

The rabbit decided to do a little spring cleaning for the day. She noticed sever pairs of shoes in her closet that was not being worn. She loved them all and hated parting ways with any of them so she decided to throw out one of each. This way she could still keep her shoes but lessen the number by half.

Once the cleaning was done and the bag of shoes was thrown out, she decided she would go for a walk around the forest. When she went to put on her shoes, she noticed the mismatch. Oh, no she thought and began crying that she had no full set of shoes to wear out for a walk. The rabbit had to stay inside until she was able to buy a new pair of shoes.

Lesson: Quality over Quantity. When it comes to building an inventory for customers, it is important to think about the quality of your products over how much inventory you have. You may have every different sizes and colors of a product, but if it is not useful to a customer, they will not buy it. Rather than focusing on how much of an item you have, you should look at what sells better.

Having a lot of inventory is only important if it is selling. If you have too much inventory in stock, you could have used that money to help pay for other things that will make your business grow. Focus your business finances on the items that are selling. Should you have a little extra then you can start trying out other items and services to sell. The quality of an item is far more important to a customer than the quantity. If you have quality goods, customers will be more likely to purchase them from you.

Image courtesy of piyato / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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