Perhaps our biggest undertaking involved designing our new website, one that would help to focus our audience’s journey to meaningful work, but also be the new home of our podcast, The Tightrope with Dan Smolen. An exhaustive search of website designers skilled in podcast hosting led us to the eminently talented Gresham Harkless, Jr., the creative force behind Blue 16 Media. A successful podcaster himself, Gresh immediately understood what we needed to achieve, a web presence that allows our four-generation audience—Gen Z/Plurals, Millennials, Gen X, and late Baby Boomers—to access our site in a way that suits them best. Some audience members seek quick access to our content and value, while other members prefer a more leisurely exploration. For them all, Gresh has created a user experience par excellence that seamlessly relates our purpose and ever-expanding library of content. We are thrilled!

Dan Smolen
Founder and Executive Producer, The Dan Smolen Experience