5 Things to Remember When Marketing in a Bad Economy [2MIN DRILL]

This 2 Minute Drill Video from CEO Blog Nation and Blue 16 Media gives you some ways you can market when there is a bad economy.

Some of the ways include:

  1. Get Scrappy
    • Staying attuned to current events
    • Know your target market
    • Leverage opportunities – free and low cost
      • Social Media
      • Podcast
      • Tools like HARO
      • Guest posting
    • Market differently
  2. Be a resource – increase your resourcefulness
    • Be the go-to person especially for referral partners
  3. Check and see gaps and opportunities – see where you are
  4. Double down on one (maybe 2 platforms)
  5. Keep marketing and probably even more
  6. Stay positive

For more information check out https://ceoblognation.com or https://blue16media.com Other resources: https://progreshion.ceoblognation.com… You are a media company: http://youareamedia.company

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