You Are a Digital Company! Prepare Your Business

This might be news to a lot of business owners but it’s a reality in this day in age. Whether you are a developing the newest smartphone widget or you own something “non-digital” like a lumber company or a landscape business, or a coffee shop or you are an electrician, I have news, you too are a digital company.

One of the things that has always bothered me about some business owners and entrepreneurs is that sometimes we fall into the trap of waiting for our competition to make a move and then we want to make it. Sometimes we are snooping at our competitors Facebook page or maybe you receive a newsletter from them and you see that they are starting to use Pinterest or Snapchat, so now you want to use Pinterest or Snapchat. Maybe they are starting to do lunch and learn events and then you want to copy what they want to do.

Whatever happened to being bold and trailblazing?

A few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, made an announcement that Facebook was a mobile company. Thereafter, the company executed and developed it’s mobile strategy better than most other internet companies.

But with Facebook’s success and growth on the desktop, why would he make such an announcement? It’s because I bet he saw the trends of people. I imagine he saw the rise in mobile usage and smartphones and decided that he would “skate to where the puck is going” and make a bold bet on what saw the future would be. I imagine that’s what ledFacebook to purchase Instagram and even try to purchase Snapchat.

I bring all of this up because you and your business needs to do the same. You must be a digital business. You must have a website (a mobile friendly one). You must start to build your following on social media. You must have a newsletter. You must start blogging. You must know about and implement SEO. You must network on LinkedIn.  

Why you may ask? 

I go back to the beginning of this post. While your industry might be slow to change or your competitors might not be doing it. Understand the most important thing–your target market is using it, a lot. I’m not even sure exactly who your ideal customer is but I’m willing to bet they are at the very least on Facebook. If they are younger than 30, they are probably on Instagram or Snapchat. If they are Generation X, they are probably looking for you on Google. Even if they don’t have social media accounts, I know Baby Boomers who are watching videos on YouTube.

So, again, why should you be a digital company? Because your target market is using digital.

Originally Posted: You Are a Digital Company! Prepare Your Business

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