Don’t Break Trust

Dove had been working with a client for well over a year on one project. They were nearing the finish line when there was a slight issue with what he had completed. Looking back over his work he realized that he had made an error when writing some of the content. It was due to his customer later that day. As easy as it would have been to blame it on someone below him or claim the technology had malfunctioned, Dove knew he had to take responsibility. He called up the client to let him know about the mistake. While she was disappointed in what had been done she knew it was just that – a mistake. Dove thanked her and promised to fix the error by the morning. For Dove, telling the truth was much more ethical than tossing out a lie.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Four Entrepreneurs Explain What it Takes to Run an Ethical Business

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