Make a Prototype

Gecko was getting into the swing of those whole business concept. He had never been much of a businessperson, but he was an inventor. He spent hours in his basement thinking up products and sketching them out on paper without really putting them into actual production. Once evening he hit upon his best product yet. He ran to his basement and began to sketch out the idea. The entire evening was spent drawing and shaping the product. He wrote guidelines and jargon, rules and instructions. At the end of his planning he realized this could actually work. Calling up an actual businessman he knew for a hint on what to do next his friend told him plainly to actual build a prototype. If Gecko couldn’t build anything he needed to hire someone that could. A product, even if it was amazing on paper, wouldn’t ever sell by that alone.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Business-Savvy Steps for Turning Your Idea Into a Product

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