Incite Your Audience to Feel Something

Panda was a writer at heart. His family had always owned a business since birth so when it was time for him to take it over he did so, though he brought with him his love of the written word. The business not not been focused much on the art/writing part of things but Panda decided if he wanted the business to be a reflection of the new era…it needed to reflect himself. So he began to write stories which spoke of his brand and of how he would be running the business. They were filled with passion and inspiration for where he would be taking the business. He wrote stories about his family, struggles and customers he had met growing up in a family business. This not only presented a strong brand to customers but gave them a taste of what kind of leader he would be.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Entrepreneurs Share Tips on How to Present a Strong Branding Message

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