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The Chameleon was always frustrated because he was never recognized as the “Employee of the Month.” It was always the Bee that received the awards and accolades. Finally, in the weekly monthly meeting he finally asked, “Why is the Bee the only one to ever get the ‘Employee of the Month’ award?”

Lesson: This lesson is from the Rescue a CEO post How NOT to Motivate Your Employees. “A good employee motivation strategy inspires and engages all of your employees, not just the top performers. Consequently, this can make “Employee of the Month” competitions divisive for your work force. Instead of motivating employees with a competition that only rewards and recognizes one person each month, try to spread the recognition with smaller, more frequent awards. Whenever one of your employees has a good day, write them a personal email or give them a small bonus like a gift card. This will make it easier to keep your entire staff engaged and on-track.”

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