Innovation is sometimes a result of desperation

A crow was flying through the desert. He realized he was so thirty and may not make it much longer if he did not get some water. The crow flew around hoping to find anything that could relieve his thirst. Finally, the crow found a pitcher that contained a few drops of water. Knowing he would die, if he could not get those few drops of water, the crow was determined to get it somehow. He looked around for some rocks and collected enough to place into the pitcher. He then was able to bring the water up enough to take a few drinks. Without thinking about how to get water, the crow would have suffered from dehydration and ultimately death. Since the water was a necessity, he was able to invent a way to get the water to survive.

We often question how we may make it to the next paycheck or what are we going to do if our sales are not up. When stuck in these predicaments and forced to invent new ways to solve our problems, we then can come up with the greatest ideas. Often, when things seem to be going well, we do not invent new ways to come to our solutions. It is only when we are faced with a need, that we can come up with answers to our problems.

When dealing with difficult problems, many people often come up with the best solutions and ideas. A company can turn themselves around and increase sales with a great brainstorming session. When struggling to get to the next paycheck we will often think of ideas to earn more money to make it to the next check. If we had not been in that situation we would have went on with our lives not thinking of new ways to gather extra income.

This is a guest post from a contributing writer to CEO Blog Nation. 

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