In Business Practice Makes Perfect

The lion and the mouse headed out to tryouts for the football team. The lion looked at the mouse and thought, “this mouse has no chance to make the team. I am much bigger and stronger than he.” The mouse thought to himself, “I am going to make the football team by practicing hard and showing the coach how determined I am.” The lion and the mouse arrived at the practice field and saw all the others waiting for tryouts. The lion felt very confident about making the team seeing he was bigger than everyone else.

The coach started running drills and everyone gave a lot of effort. The lion decided to save his energy for when he made the team. He had no doubt he would be chosen given his size and strength. Finally, the day had come for the coach to make his picks. He announced the new members of the team. Surprising the lion’s name was not called, but the mouse managed to make it on the team.

The lion was baffled at the results and thought there must be a mistake. He went up to the coach and asked why he was not chosen. The coach pointed to the mouse and said, “Do you see him? That mouse gave 110% everyday while you did not. Although you may be stronger and bigger, the mouse is dependable and determined. “The lion went away defeated.

Lesson: Determination and practice are more important than bloviating ones strengths. Just as in the story, in real life people often think because they may be bigger or stronger or have more knowledge or wealth, they do not have to put in as much effort. No matter what your stature, class, or intelligence, giving your best effort is always going to be more important. No one wants to work and do business with someone who is not giving his or her all.

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