The Future is Mobile

The Bear sat down with his family to have dinner one night. Throughout dinner he heard the buzzing of phones on vibrate and the ringing of phones. While he tried to ignore the interruptions and have a nice conversation with his family, after he looked up from his dinner and saw his entire family glued to their phones he finally growled “That’s it! No more cell phones at the table”

His oldest cub said, “But dad, I was just buying your birthday present.”

His youngest cub said, “Yea and I was just updating my status.”

His wife said, “I understand, but I was just watching my favorite TV show while you watch the news.”

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Lesson: Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to communicate, purchase products, search for reviews, find deals, compare prices, surf the web, watch videos, read e-mails, update statuses, shoot videos and pictures and so much more. Because customers are on their mobile devices and connected all the time, it is a good way to reach potential customers and clients.

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