It Only Takes One Idea

The Lion pushes toward his plan of making money by selling leaves to the ants during the rainy days. He knew there would be profits but alas, he spots the elephant doing the same thing at a cheaper rate. He could not compete with the elephant and packed his items up.  Later that night, the lion thought to himself, “This idea may not have worked, but I have plenty more. It only takes one to be successful.“ He headed back to the drawing board and started coming up with other ideas. The next day he was back out selling bananas to the monkeys.

Again the competition was fierce and he was forced to pack it up. After nights of pondering on the best ideas, he came across another item to sell to the baboons. A comb would help them groom themselves much better. The lion looked around and saw that his idea had not been put into effect by anyone else. He worked on his business plan and made great decisions. His combs sold out day after day. Others tried to replicate the process, but the Lion had come up with the best and cheapest. After years of trying ideas after ideas, the lion was deemed successful. He never gave up because he knew one of his ideas would work.

This business lesson comes from Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in where Kiyosaki pushes people to continue searching for business ideas. He emphasizes, it only takes one great idea to be successful.

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